National trade coverage supports client’s brand initiatives

Media Relations differentiates itself in part by producing media-grade content. That simply means that we provide the media with content that is suitable for the majority of outlets to use “as is”. That means we serve the media’s needs while also creating content that supports our client’s brand initiatives. This article in Food Navigator is a good example. This news was essential to our client’s marketing campaign goals. The story had to be told through national trade coverage as completely as possible.

As a publicist, part of my job is to review our content from the media’s perspective and from a publicist’s perspective. Is it providing reporters with everything they need? Is it the best angle for telling our client’s story? Will it be a good tool to support my many conversations with reporters about this client?

It’s always a thrill when I’m working with editors at prestigious trade publications, such as Food Navigator, present them with our media-grade content, and then confirm that much of it is included in the finished article. That means we’ve done our jobs right.

Written by Lindsay Helgeson

Lindsay is an experienced publicist, and is fabulous about ensuring that no detail is missed. Her background in TV production gives her a unique perspective: she used to be the one looking for new and interesting stories. Now she’s on the other side, pitching story ideas on behalf of our clients. She has booked clients in an impressive list of publications including Upscale Magazine, Southern Living, Fitness RX for Women and the Los Angeles Times.

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