Is your product included in the right conversations?

It can be frustrating to come across a long article related to your product or expertise, and realize you’re not mentioned. There’s a much better chance that the media will include you in their stories, if they knew you wanted to be in there. We have good relationships with editors, producers and writers. They trust us to provide factual, relevant information on topics they’re researching. This six-page Nutritional Outlook article is an example of what that collaboration may look like.

Sustainable farming and regenerative agriculture are hot topics in the natural food industry. We learned that Custom Content Editor Alissa Marrapodi was gathering information for a feature article updating readers on the latest advancements in these areas. Knowing that this type of article educates industry members and builds trust in the companies that are quoted, we knew our team could meet the article requirements and help make this a perfect fit for both PURIS and the editor. 

PURIS is a leading producer of plant-based, non-GMO sustainable food ingredients. The finished article mentions several of PURIS’s value points, including the fact that every crop in its portfolio leaves the soil healthier than it started.  

This is what we do day in/day out. As part of our SAM 6 marketing process, our Media Relations Agency team immerses ourselves in our clients’ stories. We get to know the product(s) inside and out. We learn about the industry, and what differentiates our clients from their competition. We seek opportunities to tell these stories, and we’re prepared to offer up our clients when the media come to us looking for the best resources on a topic.

While we can’t always guarantee that our preparation and swift response times will always result in a media placement, we’ve vastly improved the odds. 

If you want your business included in more conversations such as this comprehensive industry article, call us at 952-697-5269 or click here to request your free consultation and publicity estimate.

Written by Media Relations Agency

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