In thorough interview, client shares key messages with targeted leaders

This is a story about accountability and measurable results. Partners in Leadership asked Media Relations Agency to arrange media coverage that would reach leaders and managers. They wanted to publicize their new book, “Propeller: Accelerating Change by Getting Accountability Right.” In it, they teach leaders how to achieve greater team accountability by setting meaningful, memorable and measurable metrics. We applied those same metrics to arrange this 16-minute interview on the radio/podcast show CEO Money, which reaches thousands of leaders, managers and entrepreneurs. 

Partners in Leadership is a globally recognized firm that specializes in improving accountability in organizations of all sizes. Its team is eager to become a resource for sharing best practices around the world. They co-authored “Propeller” to teach and reinforce their primary principles. 

A Media Relations Agency publicist contacted CEO Money Host Michael Yorba to describe the book and arrange this interview with Partners in Leadership Senior Partner Jared Jones. 

Yorba is highly respected because he does his homework before each interview. He asked insightful, relevant questions that teed up Jones to talk about his business and the book. During the conversation, Jones also had time to repeat the “meaningful, memorable and measurable” phrase which is a Partners in Leadership mantra.

As a performance-based marketing agency, we’ve embraced these metrics for more than 30 years. Our goal when arranging media coverage for our clients can fit easily into this equation: 

  • Meaningful: We collaborate with our clients to ensure that the media we contact on their behalf reaches the right audiences. Then we give a great deal of thought and attention into how we will co-produce the publicity to ensure that the client’s key message is successfully delivered. 
  • Memorable: Publicity gives clients significantly more time or space to deliver and reinforce their message than they would get with paid ads. During our conversations with the media, we’re also careful to position our clients’ stories in a way that will resonate with audiences and cause them to take action.
  • Measurable: Our reporting focuses on the results achieved. Our clients always know the audience size (impressions) for each story we arrange for them. At a glance, they also know what else was included in the story such as their website and name of their product. 

Great publicity is earned by first establishing meaningful, memorable and measurable goals for your campaign. We thrive on discovering what makes our clients’ stories mediagenic then pursuing the right media to reach the right audiences. If you’d like to explore what that might look like for your business, call 952-697-5269 or click here to request your free consultation and publicity estimate.


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