How to use publicity to start the conversation and create a buzz

How do you create a media buzz if your product provides a solution to a problem people don’t even know they have? As one of the nation’s leading product publicity experts, Media Relations Agency has done this many times. We were happy to accept this challenge again on behalf of TSI USA, LLC. 

Health experts say that 100% of people age 40 and older will experience age-related muscle loss, possibly leading to frailty and devastating falls. But this topic isn’t discussed very much. So when our client, TSI USA, LLC, showed us compelling study results demonstrating how their product supports muscle health in older adults, we knew we’d first need to educate the media about the problem before reporters would be eager to share a solution with their audiences.  

This wasn’t new territory for us. We’ve spent our careers educating the media about emerging or underreported issues, involving everything from consumers’ contact lens prescription rights to game-changing science related to some saturated fats being exonerated as a heart health risk. 

It takes a lot of work behind the scenes but it’s very rewarding as the buzz gains momentum. When the media begin telling us they are already familiar with the topic, we’re thrilled because it means our efforts are paying off.  

As part of our Strategically Aimed Marketing® process, every member of our team assigned to the TSI USA account, including our writers, publicists, graphic designers and digital marketing experts immersed ourselves in the age-related muscle loss topic. We learned all the key points about the study. We became quasi subject-matter experts. 

Feeling passionate about the subject and our client’s HMB+vitamin D solution, our publicists contacted the media to arrange interviews with our client. This article in Alternative Medicine is an example of our successes. A national magazine, it made 76,000 impressions. We then wrote content enabling the client to share this article through their social platforms.

When you’re one of the few companies talking publicly about an issue, you have the fortunate opportunity to own the conversation. Posting media stories about your business, such as this one, will help your website come up higher when consumers start hearing the buzz and begin searching for solutions.

Contact us at 952-697-5289 or by using this form, when you’re ready to start educating the media and their audiences about the need for your product or service.  

Written by Media Relations Agency

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