Get your message in the right place to reach your target audience

Publicity is about more than sending the right message. It’s about reaching your target audience on a convincing platform. This media coverage that I arranged for our client, Taiyo International, appeared in the trade publication, Beverage Industry. When we arrange publicity, we carefully select the right media sources to bring our clients’ messages to the people who should hear it. Informative and widely read for its coverage of industry developments, Beverage Industry brought Taiyo’s message to 34,000 trade professionals.

Taiyo’s media coverage appeared in an article recapping news from a natural products trade show. The article mentioned three Taiyo products, describing the benefits of one in detail.

Whether our clients want to educate industry professionals or tell a general audience about a consumer product, we can arrange media coverage in the right place. Our agency has arranged publicity for everything from medical technology and dietary supplements to clothing lines and hair salons. We’ll access our proprietary database of media contacts and find the right platform to bring your story to your target audience.

Vice President of Media Production Heather Champine leads our team of publicists. Heather knows what it takes to make stories appealing to the media. She invites you to contact her to learn how to gain media attention. Call her at 952-697-5269 or complete our online contact form. She’ll ask you about your product, inquire about your goals, and let you know what you can do to help get your product covered by just the right publication.

Written by Lindsay Helgeson

Lindsay is an experienced publicist, and is fabulous about ensuring that no detail is missed. Her background in TV production gives her a unique perspective: she used to be the one looking for new and interesting stories. Now she’s on the other side, pitching story ideas on behalf of our clients. She has booked clients in an impressive list of publications including Upscale Magazine, Southern Living, Fitness RX for Women and the Los Angeles Times.

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