This Livestrong Facebook Live interview is powerful publicity

Facebook Live is one of the newest ways to reach massive audiences. As marketing strategy experts, we jump at the opportunity to seize new, innovative tools such as this and make them work for our clients. Here’s an example of how we helped our client, the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC), make full use of it.

Facebook Live easily enables us to put our client’s product in front of the public. Facebook holds you at the top of your followers’ news feeds while you are live, and you stay up there for as long as 30 minutes afterward. And since Livestrong has an international following, this extra marketing support made Facebook Live an even more powerful publicity tool. A quarter of a million people saw this interview we secured for our client just by logging into Facebook, something nearly two billion people do every day.

I love capitalizing on new tools such as Facebook Live. It’s not always easy for businesses to understand how to make new technology work for their product promotions, but our creative staff has been figuring out how to capitalize on new options for nearly 30 years. We’ve also spent that time building great relationships with media contacts everywhere, including those operating through social media. We’ve arranged tens of thousands of stories for clients such as MPOC, and with new tools such as Facebook Live, the potential to arrange thousands more grows daily.

We can do the same for you. Let’s talk strategy for your product to earn it more media coverage. Complete our contact form, or give us a call at 952-697-5269 to discuss which media outlets would ideally suit your marketing needs.

Written by Krista Wignall

Krista is a former TV news producer, so she’s a natural at working with the media. She’s also creative and persistent. When she’s got a good story that needs to be told, she won’t give up until she’s made it happen.

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