Client’s local TV interview goes national when it’s reposted by Yahoo News

Minnesota-based Keyot is more than an award-winning business and technology firm. Its leaders are keenly focused on inspiring young women to pursue STEM careers and mentoring them toward success. Keyot asked Media Relations Agency to arrange media interviews so they can educate young people about these lucrative and fulfilling career opportunities. On National STEM Day, we arranged for Keyot CEO Laura Kelly to appear in-studio on Minneapolis CBS affiliate WCCO-TV. The interview was so well done that it was reposted that same day by Yahoo News.  


We know that TV news affiliates prefer guests who have a connection with their local communities. So ahead of National STEM Day, a Media Relations Agency publicist contacted WCCO producers and explained the value of doing a story about National Stem Day. She offered Laura Kelly as an expert guest. She also offered local STEM worker Alli Curson, to give the perspective of someone whose career has benefited from Keyot’s STEM mentoring program, Crew212. Then, our publicist prepped the hosts with the best questions to ask. 

Kelly is passionate about this subject and delivered her message points clearly and succinctly. Curson did a beautiful job of representing young women in STEM careers. The interview was so well-rounded that it captured the Yahoo News team’s attention, giving Keyot exposure to a national audience. Since Keyot does business in multiple states and is growing rapidly, this added exposure was certainly welcomed! 

As a performance-based marketing agency, our goal is to help our clients maximize the value of each media opportunity. We strive to ensure that each media interview reaches the right audience, with the right message. In this case, in addition to drawing attention to STEM careers, we gave Keyot a meaningful platform for explaining how the company supports young women with an interest in math, science and engineering. 

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