Changing lives, one TV interview at a time

Some stories need to be told, even if they’re difficult or embarrassing. Michelle Jewsbury, author of “But I Love Him”, is telling her personal story of abuse because she’s on a mission to end domestic violence worldwide through her nonprofit, Unsilenced Voices. It’s heartening to know that the media coverage the Media Relations Agency team is arranging for her has the potential to change lives.

There are many causes deserving of the media’s attention. To secure more than just a cursory mention, it’s critical to provide the media with a story that is engaging and relevant to their audiences. To accomplish this, one needs to be immersed in content trends. This is the day-to-day business of Media Relations — and has been for more than 30 years — so our team can quickly anticipate what type of story will get the media’s attention.

In this case, we used Jewsbury’s experience and an upcoming book signing to secure a TV interview on Los Angeles’ KTLA. The segment focused on safe dating tips for people starting a new relationship. As this played right before Valentine’s Day, it was a timely piece with tips that could immediately be put to use. The 5-minute segment also included information about the nonprofit Jewsbury founded. This wasn’t tacked on to the end of a personal interest story. It was the core of the interview and what helped us cement Jewsbury as an expert in avoiding risky relationships, boosting her credibility and positioning her as someone dedicated to finding relief for survivors of domestic abuse.

When securing an agency to work on your publicity campaign, consider a team that guarantees you’ll get media placements for your money. Media Relations Agency pioneered the Pay Per Interview® pricing model more than 30 years ago. Oddly enough, some PR agencies still expect clients to pay hefty retainer fees without guaranteeing any media stories. That simply isn’t the way most companies want to do business today.

If you have a story to tell, request a free publicity estimate from our team. We’d love the opportunity to talk with you about our experience, processes and deliverables. If we’re the right fit, we hope you consider working with us. Our team would love to use our skills to elevate your credibility and share your story.

Written by Media Relations Agency

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