Above-the-fold still matters, both in print and online

For print and digital journalists, “above the fold” is considered prime positioning, reserved for the best stories. In print, it means the story appears at the top of the page, where it is the most visible. On websites, it means the story can be seen at the top of the digital page without scrolling down. Media Relations Agency client Deb Hilmerson was thrilled when her feature story that we arranged claimed this prized position in the Minneapolis Star Tribune’s business section.  

An award-winning trailblazer and innovator, Deb Hilmerson is redefining the construction industry by creating safety equipment that is saving lives and money. Her reusable safety rails also benefit the environment because contractors no longer use 2x4s for one project then discard them in landfills. While major contractors are already big fans of Hilmerson Safety, Deb came to Media Relations Agency because she wanted to use the media to reach smaller contractors, whose businesses should also be reaping the benefits. 

We arranged for Deb to be interviewed by Star Tribune business columnist and reporter Neil St. Anthony. We provided St. Anthony with background content positioning Deb and her company. St. Anthony’s very thorough and positive story appeared above the fold in print and online, reaching more than 397,000 readers. 

The online comments confirm that the story communicated Deb Hilmerson accurately. “Great positive story of American ingenuity!” wrote one reader. Another said, “Thanks for highlighting her great work.” Other glowing comments included, “Excellent vision, motivation, engineering, and safety products!” and “Quite a businessperson!”

While we can’t guarantee that every media story we arrange will receive prime positioning, we are experts at stacking the deck in your favor. If you’d like for us to put you in touch with reporters about your business, contact us online or call us at 952-697-5269. We’ll give you our honest feedback about whether we can arrange media coverage for your product.

Written by Media Relations Agency

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