Paid Publicity and Social Influencer Campaigns

Paid storytelling (including sponsored content, native advertising and influencer campaigns) is content that you pay to place. It can be a stand-alone strategy or a complement to your earned media coverage.

Are you a fit for paid storytelling?


While earned media is publicity’s gold standard, paid storytelling is useful for: 

Boosting your company/product visibility, especially when you want complete control over your message

Increasing awareness of new products

Time-sensitive campaigns

What you can expect from paid publicity
(sponsored content/native advertising)

Your content will typically resemble the content on the platform on which it is published

You will have an online presence on major news and media sites

You are likely to reach audiences in the millions

Links can be directed to your website for purchase or lead generation, your Amazon storefront

What you can expect from paid influencer test programs

A custom-curated influencer list

Custom content

Story amplification

Audience reach and influencer payment reports

How paid publicity strategies work

We use our Strategically Aimed Marketing (SAM 6®) process to develop a strategy based on your needs and your budget.
Paid storytelling opportunities are available in news outlets and social media, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube. Our native advertising programs can reach audiences online as well as in print publications.  

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We create craveable campaign materials.
Our years of experience with the media and social influencers help us create attention-demanding materials. 

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We help you magnify the impact of your paid content.
We’ll work with you to amplify the paid content’s reach through social media posts, blogs, emails, websites, native ads and other promotional channels. 

Our paid media package options include, but aren’t limited to:

Article syndication to more than 2,400 digital media outlets

Branded infographics, videos and listicles

Spanish-language translation

Retargeting of site visitors for maximum exposure

Presence in publishers’ social media feeds with guaranteed engagement

Ask us about our Paid Media and Native Advertising Packages

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