Zoë Hopkins-Hile

Zoë Hopkins-Hile
Media Relations
You want someone as strategic as Zoë to be contacting the media on your behalf. That’s because she’s driven to maximize every opportunity. “My parents instilled a strong work ethic in me,” she confirms.

A former media advisor, Zoë has always been fascinated by advertising and marketing. And, with a passion for connecting people, she has the right strengths to bring reporters together with our clients. In fact, she has an uncanny ability to get the media excited about whatever story she’s pitching. “A great day for me is making connections with various media sources for our clients to make their products shine,” she says.

Collaboration comes easily to Zoë, who exudes positive energy. “I’m a very creative person, which helps me to accomplish anything I put my mind to. I also greatly enjoy helping my co-workers reach their goals. Teamwork makes the dream work!”
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