Stephanie Thiede

Stephanie Thiede
Stephanie Thiede
Media Relations
Marketing Strategy Expert
If you’re lucky enough to speak with Stephanie on the phone, you’ll hear an authentic exuberance in her voice. That’s because she’s a natural-born conversationalist. She’s also a stickler for details and providing superior customer service.

These strengths make her well-suited for her role with Media Relations Agency, which is exploring how we might help businesses use the media to promote their products. “It’s like this career chose me,” she confirms, adding that her favorite part of the job is speaking with folks from all over the globe about our services.

Stephanie is intrigued by the inner workings of our agency. “I knew that publicity was powerful, but I was not aware of how it worked. I didn’t know, for example, that reporters and journalists are not the only outlets crafting stories. I was fascinated to discover that our writers and publicists co-produce stories that appear in media across the country and internationally.”

Stephanie is most excited about the potential of helping a product become the next big thing. “To know that I can be part of a strategic campaign that makes a product skyrocket into becoming a household name is thrilling!”
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