Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson
Media Relations
Digital Marketing Manager
Sarah Thompson is as sunny as she is sharp. She’s one of those special digital marketers who combines an impressive depth of knowledge with an attitude so positive that people naturally gravitate to her.

“I use my positivity to bring enthusiasm to the team, my developer strength to ask questions that bring more out of those around me, and achiever strength to keep myself growing and getting tasks done,” she comments about her StrengthsFinder results.

Sarah embraces her role of ensuring clients’ digital marketing programs are effective and on point. That requires staying current on changing technology and platforms, as well as weaving strong creativity into her logical, methodical approach. “I’m never bored,” she confirms. “There are always new technologies to learn and ways to streamline our processes to remain the best.”

Clients enjoy collaborating with Sarah because she’s laser focused on helping them achieve their marketing goals. “There is always a way through, around or over a barrier. Sometimes a positive approach or a change in perspective is all you need,” she says.

Most days, Sarah is guided by her favorite Maya Angelou quote: “At the end of the day, people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” That upbeat energy makes Sarah a welcomed addition to our team.

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