Jeshila McGovern

Jeshila McGovern
Jeshila McGovern
Media Relations
Marketing Coordinator
A high achiever, Jeshila (pronounced JAYshila) has a real knack for keeping multiple projects on track and moving forward. As marketing coordinator, she holds herself to high standards. Jeshila thrives on ensuring all the logistics are in place for us to share our clients’ stories with the media.

We are energized by Jeshila’s drive for learning. She is genuinely interested in discovering all she can about our clients and our clients see the impact of her strong work ethic. “My favorite part of my job is educating myself about clients’ products, then applying what I’ve learned to their campaigns,” she comments.

She is also very customer service-oriented, making her an ideal match for this position in which she interacts with many of our clients. We feel fortunate to have such a self-motivated professional on our team. “I want to do a great job so that my work helps move our company forward and promotes our clients’ businesses,” Jeshila confirms.


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