Lindsay Helgeson

Lindsay Helgeson
Media Relations
Senior Trade Communication Specialist
Lindsay is a detailed, upbeat publicist who says, “I find it thrilling and rewarding to work with editors, producers and writers to develop rich angles to a client’s story, resulting in big wins.” Lindsay chose a publicist career due to her love for people and keen interest in learning. “I like studying about and connecting with people. I also find many subjects interesting and my curiosity drives me to absorb. When I’m learning something cool, I love sharing it so that it may positively change the lives of others.”

A good day at work for Lindsay is nearly every day. “A great day for me is making multiple, positive connections with media contacts on a client’s behalf, developing a connection, and really understanding what it is that the editors, producers and/or writers like about our client’s story. That’s extremely fulfilling. And when I’m content, the client is usually happy, too.”

Her attention to detail and enthusiasm has Lindsay putting together complete press packages for our clients. In her own words, “I feel pure delight making sure the angle of the story comes to life by coordinating interviews, developing the right questions, and offering other tools like images and supporting facts that will make the story a win for our client, the media and the target audience.”

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