Katie Hanson

Katie Hanson
Media Relations
Design and Web Production
Katie simply can’t resist designing and creating. “This is the way I’ve expressed myself ever since I was a child making ‘artwork’ with Microsoft Paint,” she says. Her passion for visual arts makes her ideal for this position. “Good design on digital platforms can be a powerful tool!”

It’s not unusual for us to see Katie deep in concentration at her desk. “I am very dedicated and focused,” she admits, “which enables me to really get absorbed into a project and make good progress in a set amount of time.” She adds that she gets excited to see her finished work in the real world.

Katie gathers inspiration and keeps up with design trends by going online. “I am driven by my desire to learn more about web and graphic design, and by the high standards for quality work that I set for myself. Plus, I enjoy bringing new ideas to our team!”

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