Joanna Grecula

Joanna Grecula
Media Relations
Administrative Assistant
Joanna’s smile is one of her best features. And she shares it with everyone, from the folks who deliver our mail to clients and co-workers. A former missionary, Joanna enjoys encouraging people, building relationships and learning what keeps our marketing agency humming.

As our administrative assistant, Joanna prides herself on keeping things around the office running efficiently. She eagerly digs into each project, knowing that her behind-the-scenes tasks help the rest of our team complete our work. She says, “Each part of the day has a purpose and a plan. It’s important to make the most out of each moment.”

If you happen to chat with Joanna about your business, be prepared to walk away from the conversation with an extra spring in your step. “I like to encourage people to be bold in the value of who they are and what they have to present,” she explains. “If you have a heart for your product, you will flourish beyond your wildest dreams.”

We agree, Joanna! We agree.
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