Gail Brandt

Gail Brandt
Media Relations
Senior Publicist
Gail enjoys arranging media placements that make our clients look good. She’s also known for sinking her teeth into a project. “A great day for me is securing bookings, especially those that aren’t easy,” she confirms.

Gail impresses everyone with her ability to devise new ways to excite the media about a story. “My goal is to be the best I can be. I do my research on each media outlet and learn everything I can about them. And if I encounter a barrier, I just pull myself up by the bootstraps and work a little harder.”

Gail has a passion for working with the media. She has repeatedly earned company honors for the quantity and caliber of her media placements. She has booked clients in such prestigious media outlets as Woman’s World, Shape, Good Morning America and on TV stations across America. Her tenacity pays off for our clients. “I worked for a year to book a guest on a popular national TV show. In the process, I learned a lot about the producers and their roles on this program. It was exciting when one of those producers finally sought me out.”

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