Becky Quesnel

Becky Quesnel
Media Relations
Customer Service Manager
The first thing people notice about Becky is her bright, genuine smile. Her friendly, positive attitude even comes through phone lines and emails. Becky happily manages many of the day-to-day details around the office, from coordinating meetings to answering clients’ questions.

“I am willing to step in wherever help is needed. I’m not afraid to go above and beyond, and work outside of my typical tasks,” she says. And if she doesn’t already know how to do something, she takes the initiative to learn. “I get excited by learning new things,” she confirms. “I welcome the variety in my days because it brings new challenges.”

Responsible and disciplined, Becky thrives on helping others. “A great day at work is when I get to interact with a lot of clients and co-workers, and I am able to get all of my assigned tasks accomplished.” Barriers are no match for Becky. “I take on the challenge, and figure out a different way to complete the goal.”

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