Anne Caron

Anne Caron
Media Relations
Anne’s positive, easygoing nature puts her at the top of our “asset” column. “A good day at work is when I have been very productive. A great day is when my productivity has been used to accomplish a goal or help someone else accomplish their goal,” she says.

A consummate list maker, Anne keeps company and clients’ accounts well organized. She digs into the details, and lives by the motto: If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.”

She adds that she is thriving in our corporate culture. “I love that we work as a team here. No matter what our position is, we work together for the company and our clients. This company recognizes and values each of the individual strengths we bring to the table.”

Each day is a little different, which is fine with Anne. “I have never worked for a company that puts the focus on values and goals as much as this one,” she explains. For this go-getter who put herself through accounting classes at night while also working full time and raising a family, there’s always another milestone to reach. “I enjoy that my supervisor helps me set goals for both my career and personal growth.”
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