Media hypnosis: Unleashing the most powerful sales tool on earth

Media hypnosis: Unleashing the most powerful sales tool on earth


You can use the media to hypnotize people into buying your product. Stick with me for a minute.

It puts people on edge when I talk about “media hypnosis”, a term I came up with. Some people think it’s far-fetched and others think I’m making something out of nothing. The common thread is, at first they don’t believe me. It’s true though.

There are four levels of consciousness; Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta.  During Alpha and Beta we are awake. During Theta and Delta we are asleep. Beta is the most alert state. Alpha, the one related to hypnosis, is the state between alert and sleep. Measured by an EEG, the brain is cycling at 8 to 13 cycles per second.

During the day we slip back and forth between Beta and Alpha, depending on what we are doing. For instance, if we are having an engaging conversation, we are in the Beta state. Our mind is actively questioning, reasoning and formulating responses. When we watch TV or read the paper we transition into the Alpha state. The Alpha state of consciousness is more relaxed. Our mental guard drops, our desire to reason and question information is reduced, and information flows in easily.

The Alpha state is what allows us to enjoy a movie or television program and, at least for a time, believe Superman can fly. Ingesting information in the Alpha state can have lasting effects. Actors have a name for it: typecasting. Many actors have had their careers stunted because people like you can’t get it out of your head that an actor played a certain role. Even though you know better. It’s almost as if you have been hypnotized to believe something you know isn’t true. Isn’t that interesting?

Media Hypnosis doesn’t work for commercials, though. Most of the time when a commercial comes on, we snap to the alert Beta state quickly. You can feel it. It’s as if the hypnotist snapped their fingers.

So, when do you want to tell your product’s story: during the program or during the commercial?

Publicity is a dynamic and powerful promotional channel that should not be overlooked. We have put it to work for many clients over the last 30 years. Seven days a week, multiple times each day, media stories about our clients’ products have been appearing in programs and publications. It’s no accident that some products seem to get lots of coverage.

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Lonny Kocina, CEO and Founder
Media Relations Agency