The right people to help you with your Internet marketing

What really makes a job ‒ and a business relationship ‒ worthwhile is the people. I feel blessed that our full-service agency has great team members. Media Relations works closely with sister agency Checkerboard Strategic Web Development to help our clients promote their products across all promotional channels. Some of our clients may not have had a chance to meet all of our Checkerboard colleagues. Let me introduce you. The experts at Checkerboard are just the kind of people you want to help you with your Internet marketing.

Here are our Checkerboard team members:

  • Robin Kocina, Co-Owner, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer: Robin is a caring and talented leader. She is skilled at inspiring people to achieve greater results. She also knows how to create processes that lead to greater productivity. She loves to set and reach goals. She gets things done.
  • Jason Kocina, President: Jason is sincerely dedicated to helping clients use Internet marketing to grow their businesses. Clients and employees enjoy working with him because he is so enthusiastic and treats everyone with appreciation.
  • Alison Cromie, Project Manager: By being highly organized and positive, Alison gets our clients’ website goals accomplished. She listens to our clients’ ideas and then creates a detailed plan for our team members to execute.
  • Evan Hanson, Graphic Designer: Evan is very personable and he’s also talented at creating striking websites. His work on a client’s website recently won a prestigious Davey Award. He’s a talented photographer, so we frequently enlist him to take photographs for us.
  • Tate Harmann, WordPress Tech: Tate has a valuable mix of both technical skills and strong client service skills. He is knowledgeable about web upgrading, troubleshooting and migration. He is also talented at explaining these topics to people from non-technical backgrounds.
  • Tau Kotoni, Design & Web Production: Tau has a great sense of humor. He is highly driven to master new technologies and solve problems. When you talk with him, you can see how enthusiastic he is about web design.
  • Becky Quesnel, Administrative Assistant and Customer Relations Specialist: That’s me. I enjoy the variety in my job and the fact that I get to work with everyone in our company. It makes me happy to get my tasks accomplished and know I have helped someone.
  • Claire Ryan, Web Property Manager: Claire is certified in Google Adwords and Google Analytics. She is kind and conscientious. She helps clients attract more web traffic, and drive sales and leads. 
  • Andrea Schiebe, Digital Marketing Manager: Andrea is certified in Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Mobile and Advanced Video Advertising. She has great leadership abilities. She has valuable experience creating and managing digital marketing campaigns.
  • Shawn Turek, Lead Graphic Designer: Shawn’s years of web design experience make him an invaluable resource. He loves tackling design challenges. And he is dedicated to creating the highest quality work for our clients.

When I arrive at the office in the morning, I am genuinely excited to see my team members. I feel confident recommending our agency to new clients because I know we will provide top-quality service. We have both the marketing expertise and technical skill to help clients teach a wider audience about their products.

If you have a product to promote or need website improvements, or if you want to create a fully integrated marketing plan, call me at 952-697-5269 or complete our form. I’ll set up a meeting with the team members you need.

I love to introduce people to my co-workers. They can really help marketers. Give me a call and I’ll tell you more about them.

Written by Becky Quesnel

The first thing people notice about Becky is her bright, genuine smile. Her friendly, positive attitude even comes through phone lines and emails. Becky happily manages many of the day-to-day details around the office, from coordinating meetings to answering clients’ questions. “I am willing to step in wherever help is needed. I’m not afraid to go above and beyond, and work outside of my typical tasks,” she says. And if she doesn’t already know how to do something, she takes the initiative to learn. “I get excited by learning new things,” she confirms. “I welcome the variety in my days because it brings new challenges.” Responsible and disciplined, Becky thrives on helping others. “A great day at work is when I get to interact with a lot of clients and co-workers, and I am able to get all of my assigned tasks accomplished.” Barriers are no match for Becky. “I take on the challenge, and figure out a different way to complete the goal.”

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