Pitching the media using first-hand experience: Notes from our fitness revolution

Media Relations has an extensive and long-standing roster of health, fitness and lifestyle clients, including the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA). The NSCA’s certification programs are the industry’s gold standards, so when we decided to get healthier for ourselves and our families, we sought the assistance of NSCA-certified fitness instructor Erik Peacock NASM-PT, NSCA CPT, owner of Puravida Fitness.

Most of us already knew a lot about natural health and fitness, because we are well-versed about our clients’ products and industries. We’ve literally had thousands of calls with the media on their behalf, discussing possible story angles.

However throughout the six weeks of our fitness revolution, Peacock brought our understanding to new heights. He taught us new ways to get fit while also coaching us on how to improve our diets. It gave us a deeper perspective of, and appreciation for, the level of expertise that goes into the NSCA’s training programs, for which we have gotten media coverage everywhere from USA Today to major market TV stations.

Three of our staff members were also rewarded for their efforts with gift cards for another healthful client: Valley Natural Foods, a local food co-op that features mostly organic and non-GMO products. We are all going to be paying attention to what those three people bring into the lunch room.

You can bet that when we pick up the phone to talk with reporters and producers about natural ingredients that support joint health, speed muscle recovery, minimize blood sugar spikes, etc., we are in part drawing on our own personal experiences as well as the science-based facts supplied by our clients.

That’s going to make for some meaningful conversations with the media.



Written by Robin Miller

Robin will coordinate the writing for your ongoing communications needs including newsletters, social media posts, blogs and press releases. We get a kick out of her ability to “assume the personality” of whomever she is writing for. Her turnaround is very fast: She can produce press releases and other written documents quickly and professionally. An IABC and Mercury award winner, Robin served as an associate publisher, associate editor and media spokesperson; and managed the employee communications department for a multi-national Fortune 500 company prior to joining our team. Her strong background in health, nutrition and veterinary medicine have also proven beneficial as she interprets clients’ scientific information for mainstream media.