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Long before he came up with the idea for Pay Per Interview Publicity our CEO, Lonny Kocina, was an artist. Still having a passion for art, he created the website Post and Paint. It brings artists and buyers together to help commission affordable custom artwork. Commissioning artwork is normally outside the price range for the average family. Consequently, most people don’t have much original artwork in their homes. This site will change that. You simply upload a photo to Postandpaint.com, real artists will use your photo to paint from. And you only buy the finished painting if you like it.


Think of it this way: Mother’s Day is coming up and you want to get your mom THE BEST Mother’s Day gift. You have the perfect photo of her grandkids that you’d love to see as a painting. You head to postandpaint.com to post that cute photo of your kids. You upload the photo along with your contact info. You can choose a preferred medium, size and shape. You can select your desired price range for the artwork and you even have the option to decide whether or not to purchase the piece of art once the artist has finished. You pay a $10 charge up front (This charge is to prevent people who have no intention of purchasing the final artwork from posting photos. This entire fee is donated directly to a wonderful charity called Hands of Freedom). And now you wait for an artist to paint from your photo. The artist may even post updates on the In Progress section of the website.

Post and Paint is an amazing opportunity for both the artist and art buyers. This is your opportunity to commission an artist and own a custom piece of art, all at a price you decide. And there’s no obligation to buy. And especially during this time of quarantine when there are no art shows or other public events, artists love this website because it’s a great place to find people actively looking to purchase customized art. It’s a win for everyone.

Check out some of the art that has come from the site and then find a photo off your camera roll and give it a shot. Post it for an artist to paint. Give an artist a job. Or hey, maybe you’re an artist yourself looking for something to do during all the quarantined

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