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Social media strategy: Be thankful people complain

You really have two choices for your social media listening strategy. You can either sit back and hope things are going well online, or you can proactively investigate. Being proactive enables you to gear your products and messages to consumers’ needs, and stay in touch with your market environment. Our advice: Find out what people are saying about your products. Engage with them. Then continue promotions in channels where they are listening.

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Get your business into the holiday spirit with social media

The holidays sneak up on us every year and then they are gone just as quickly. We are often so busy with shopping, party planning and preparing for family gatherings that we don’t stop and think to be prepared in the social media world to capture your share of holiday spending. Having a well-thought-out holiday strategy can go a long way toward attracting customers and ensuring their brand loyalty. There’s still time! Instead of missing out on this great marketing opportunity this year, pour
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Marketers: Keep these top three Twitter tips handy

Twitter is the fastest moving channel in social media. With real-time updates, the challenge is ensuring that your audience is actually seeing your Tweets. Getting into the Tweeting world can seem like a marathon that you will never win and worst yet, it will never end! Yet it’s worth it to try. Twitter is a great channel for capturing consumer insights and really attracting engagement with your brand or company, so you don’t want to miss opportunities. This fast-moving information stream brings
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Throwback Thursday: Client’s sled dogs take Conan O’Brien for a ride

If you love Conan O’Brien (as we do), you know that his trademark sense of humor is flawless. Now, imagine introducing him to a sled dog team and an award-winning musher. Maybe you can see where this is going. Back in 1996, Conan was pulled across his stage by Huskies. It’s fun to work with Late Night TV producers because they always find creative twists to make the segment entertaining. That’s why we’ve kept in touch throughout the years. While the audience laughed at Conan’s first

Why PR agencies and your company should be happy that social media is here to stay

Remember when social media was just for college students (Facebook) and teenagers or aspiring musicians (MySpace)? Social media’s evolution redefined the digital age and is changing the PR field. Journalists, publicists and others are realizing that social media is an efficient way to create a fan base, solicit story ideas and have real-time conversations with people around the world. Skeptics claim that social media could stifle marketing and PR firms. In reality, it helps us thrive. By driving
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Our creative publicity pitch gets two clients on Foxnews.com with famed Dr. Manny Alvarez

Two Media Relations’ clients were thrilled when we arranged for their products to be mentioned in an interview conducted by Fox News Senior Managing Health Editor Dr. Manny Alvarez. Dr. Alvarez, a respected media member, has covered hundreds of stories for Fox News. To arrange this interview, posted on Foxhealthnews.com, our Publicist Krista Wignall played off the seasonal angle of cold and flu which was then developed into a smart, creative segment called Making Over Your Medicine Cabinet. Krista

Why is segmenting your social media so important?

Current research indicates that 72 percent of online adults use social network sites. The number of Twitter users has doubled in the last two years. With so many people now Tweeting, pinning and Facebooking, it’s important to be smart about how you use your marketing resources. Not everyone is using every platform. And not everyone who uses a specific platform has the same interests. To communicate with your target customers, you first have to find them. There is no use creating a Twitter campaign

Our publicity prowess helps attract key media to our client’s event

It can be tough to get the media to attend or cover annual conferences and events. They are inundated with invitations, so organizations really have to stand out and work hard to gain their attention. Publicist Sallie Crowl has proven once again that she knows how to make this happen. Thanks to Sallie’s well-executed media outreach, the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s recent annual conference in Las Vegas was attended by the national media. She also secured coverage during

Is social media right for you?

There are many mid- and large-sized companies still wondering if they really need social media. They aren’t sure if it’s a fit, or if it has marketable opportunities. If your company falls into this group, rest assured that yes you need social media. We can show you how it’s a fit. You just have to find the right channels and know your target audience. If you are not actively participating in any of the social channels then you are really missing out on some valuable consumer insights or customers. The

What exactly is publicity?

There are all kinds of public relations: corporate communications, employee communications, investor communications and even crisis communications. Media Relations specializes in the area of public relations called product publicity. We work with the media to co-produce stories. The intent of those stories is to create interest in our clients’ products and services. When done right, the target audience may not even realize they are being sold to! Give that some thought the next time you watch the