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Learn how to get press coverage at the Minnesota Entrepreneur Kick-off

Entrepreneurs all need to promote their products effectively and affordably. And that can be a challenging combination. But there are promotional channels that are both practical and convincing. Vice President of Media Production Heather Champine will explain them at the 6th annual Minnesota Entrepreneur Kick-off. Among her suggestions will be valuable advice on how to get press coverage.

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Robin Kocina honored as an exceptional businesswoman

Congratulations, Robin! COO Robin Kocina will be honored at the 2016 Exceptional Businesswomen Awards. She has a gift for setting goals and finding ways to achieve them. Her mentorship has helped team members grow and flourish. She treats each one as an individual. As Social Media Manager Kris Best says, “Robin is an amazing leader. She truly cares about each employee, and inspires each of us to be our best. Not only for our clients, but also for our families and our community.”

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A writer with a science background and a passion for online marketing

Social Media Writer Kris Best has qualifications that may surprise you. These credentials help make her highly skilled at writing online marketing content, and a valuable asset for our clients.

Kris has a scientific background that makes her adept at writing health and wellness material. She has a degree in microbiology and worked for years as a microbiologist. She explains, “This really helps when working with technical clients. I’m comfortable with scientific papers and practices.”

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Brian Klempke to present publicity strategies at Club Industry Show

On Wednesday, October 7, Media Relations Account Executive Brian Klempke will teach fitness industry professionals how to promote their products or services with publicity. He will present Innovative Secrets to Making Your Product an Enduring Celebrity in the News at the Club Industry Show, taking place at McCormick Place, Lakeside Center in Chicago. During his presentation, Brian will reveal how companies can obtain media coverage and why this is such an effective marketing tool.

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Keep your social media marketing on-point and focused

With so many social media marketing tools available these days, it’s easy for your posts and tweets to become a little random. Make sure your social media marketing consistently communicates your company’s most important messages. Learn how to keep your messaging on track by attending MarketSmart Academy’s upcoming class, Crafting a Standout Social Media Strategy.

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How to simplify your marketing strategy

Today’s marketing environment is complex. As a former teacher with a Master’s Degree in Education, I love seeing the light go on in people’s eyes as they learn how basic marketing principles can clarify their strategy. I’m also a Certified Marketing Executive and Media Relations’ Marketing Manager. I understand the challenges you face. I’d love to share a few sound academic marketing principles to help you create focused marketing plans. When I work with clients to develop a well-defined marketing strategy, they feel like fog has been cleared from their path. I think you’ll feel that way, too.

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You need these strategies for your social media marketing

Social media marketing evolves so quickly that you need to constantly educate yourself about emerging trends. MarketSmart Academy offers free classes to help you use the latest social media tools to reach your target audience. The next MarketSmart Academy class, Crafting a Standout Social Media Strategy, will be held on April 28 in Burnsville. Checkerboard President Jason Kocina will facilitate this interactive presentation. Join us to learn valuable insights about making your social media marketing
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Our CEO wants to teach you a game-changing marketing strategy

“It always amazes me how easy it is for marketing to get off track,” says Lonny Kocina, our company’s CEO and founder. “This happens for two reasons: weak processes and limited academic knowledge. Imagine an accounting department where processes are almost non-existent and no one knows even rudimentary accounting terms. It would never happen.” Sales and Marketing Executives International Minnesota (SMEI-MN) is on a mission to help marketers continually update their expertise. One of the
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You know marketing. But what is remarketing and how can it drive sales?

We arrange media stories that drive customers to our clients’  websites. Now our clients have the option of using remarketing to remind those customers of their interest. Offered by Checkerboard Strategic Web Development, remarketing is a highly targeted strategy that focuses digital ads on customers who have already visited your website. This cost-effective web marketing is a great follow-up to publicity. When Checkerboard’s experts set up remarketing for a client, here’s what happens
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