Make your online advertising come alive with video ads

YouTube receives billions of views per day. The time people spend watching YouTube videos opens great opportunities for marketers. Video advertising is a vibrant way to deliver your message to a massive audience. And it’s probably easier and more affordable than you think. We can help you add video to your online advertising strategy.

We use Google AdWords to set up YouTube ads. AdWords gives you a remarkable amount of choice in ad location and audience. Here are some of your options as we set up your video ads.

    • Targeting. You can deliver your video ads to specific demographics. Choose if you want men or women to see your ad, or people in a particular age range or geographic location. You can even target people interested in a certain subject. This helps you reach the audiences most likely to need your products or services.
    • Pricing. Even though video advertising has an impressive appearance, it offers economical, flexible pricing. Google AdWords enables you to set a daily budget. It then charges per audience action.
    • Remarketing. To help you reach consumers who have already shown an interest in your products, you can target people who have viewed your videos or YouTube channel in the past. This is a great way to remind people of your products.
    • Choice where your ads will appear. Google AdWords lets you place your ads on certain websites and YouTube Partner Channels. You can also choose to deliver your ads on videos about certain topics.
    • Tracking. With Google AdWords, we can analyze how many times your ads have been viewed and how much those views cost. This helps us make adjustments to optimize your campaign.

Video ads have unique advantages. They present your story through movement, music and voice. The videos appear in the same format as the videos that attract billions of daily YouTube views.

Until recently, video advertising has been an overlooked advertising avenue. The platform is not yet saturated, and the cost per view can often be lower than online text or image ads.

Now is the time to take advantage of video advertising. Call me at 952-697-5269 or complete our form below. I’ll ask you about your marketing goals. We’ll discuss how video advertising can help you.

Written by Heather Kroupa

Heather Kroupa knows sometimes you have to be unconventional to get results. Driven by natural curiosity plus years of digital marketing experience, Heather expertly develops clever, attention-getting campaigns. “Digital marketing is not a precise science,” she says. Heather takes the time to analyze and evaluate the best ways to tell our clients’ stories.

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