Where to find someone to build your website

Your website should be one of your hardest working marketing tools. It has the potential to have global reach, influence purchase decisions, collect data, facilitate sales and solidify customer loyalty. That’s why you should always choose a website designer who understands marketing, such as a certified SAM 6 Pro, and who also has the technical knowledge and design skills.

Websites have both marketing and sales functions. Marketing informs and draws people to your business; sales converts prospects into customers. Many of your other promotions will drive people to your website. It’s got to function efficiently, and communicate your story effectively both visually and with its written content. 

When looking for someone to build your website, be mindful of how it will be integrated with your publicity, advertising, social media and personal selling. If one of those promotional channels is neglected, you could miss out on sales. You could also miss opportunities to learn more about your markets and you may not discover new audiences. 

Ideally, find a collaborative team of highly experienced website designers, marketing strategists, publicists, content writers and graphic artists who know how to make your website work its hardest.  

Media Relations Agency’s Strategically Aimed Marketing (SAM 6®) process sets us apart from other agencies. Our certified SAM 6 Pros excel in our understanding of marketing concepts and principles. We know how to create a compelling site that resonates with your target audience. 

We’ve also been building websites since the internet first became a business tool. We know how to create a website that enables you to capitalize on its full marketing potential. We build custom, marketing-focused sites that are easy for you to maintain on your own and mobile friendly, using industry standard tools. 

Whether you want a brand new website, or your site needs refreshing because it hasn’t really been touched in a couple of years, call us at 952-697-5269 to talk about how we can make it an even more powerful marketing and sales tool.  Or, complete this form to schedule a consultation. 


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Written by Katie Hanson

Katie gathers inspiration and keeps up with design trends. “I am driven by my desire to learn more about web and graphic design, and by the high standards for quality work that I set for myself. Plus, I enjoy bringing new ideas to our team!”

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