What’s a cost effective promotion for my product?

Every marketer wants to stretch their budget as far as possible. You want to reach the most people, with the greatest frequency, at the lowest cost. I’ll let you in on a couple of secrets. One: Publicity (media coverage) is very cost effective. Two: You can get guaranteed results for your publicity budget even though media is an earned promotional channel. 

Consumers easily block ads, but it’s hard for most of us to escape seeing a well-crafted publicity story. We’re drawn in by a compelling headline or the teaser prior to a TV segment. We stay engaged because a good media story addresses everyday problems in a relatable way. We don’t click off the page (or leave the room) because we want to know what the trusted expert says is the solution: our clients’ products! 

Media Relations Agency has produced mediagenic stories for our clients for nearly 35 years. With our Pay Per Interview® model, we guarantee that you’ll always get results for your money. We charge per story we arrange. If there are reporters and producers out there who are interested in our clients’ stories, we find them! 

Does this sound like good use of your marketing budget? Of course! We’ll even show you our pricing menu up front, so you’ll know how much you’ll pay per story. Often, our stories cost a fraction of what comparable ad space would cost. 

How much would you have to pay to share your product’s story with a stadium filled with people? (I’m talking about pre-pandemic crowds.) Now, consider the extensive reach of a single news story. You can also post that news story to your website and share it on social media, causing even more people to see it and be influenced by it. We can show you how to get a lot of mileage out of every single media story. 

As you allocate your marketing budget, place media coverage in your ‘must have’ category. Of course, you may also need to ensure your website and social media channels are ready to receive the additional traffic generated by publicity. We can help you align your marketing budget with your campaign goals.

Let’s talk. Call me at 952-697-5269 or use our online form to arrange a conversation. 


Written by Heather Champine

Heather is a multi-faceted leader. She’s part marketing strategist, part consumer psychologist and part motivational cheerleader. “I love understanding what drives people to take action, especially when it involves getting the media to run stories about our clients,” she says. With more than 20 years of experience, she has the keen understanding and insight to know how to run an integrated campaign and what it takes for our clients’ stories to become the news. She enjoys leading campaigns for complex industries such as medical devices and technologies, as well as fun industries such as hair salons. She thrives on pursuing creative ways to educate consumers about clients’ products, and ultimately inspiring them to buy. “I appreciate becoming a part of each client’s marketing team. I cherish the long-lasting relationships, and successful marketing programs we have created together.” Heather also finds joy in her daily collaborations as part of our creative team. “I am grateful to work with publicists, writers, designers and other marketing experts, all enjoying what they do because they are using their God-given strengths. Our publicists have great instincts because they all have media backgrounds. When things get hectic, it’s often Heather who cracks the first joke. “We encourage people to be a little goofy and unique. Some of the best ideas and solutions emerge because we know how to have fun,” she grins. “I may say something like, “Remember this is PR not the ER. Now, lighten up and go book a great story idea with the media!”

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