What is relevant content for 2021? Hint: Everything is different.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that businesses must be nimble. The way you interact with customers and prospects has probably changed. Your content now has an even more direct impact on your bottom line. Professional writers who understand the marketing process can be some of your best business assets. 

Businesses that communicate trust and transparency through their content are reaping the rewards. Consider making these five changes to your content in 2021: 

  1. Strategically integrate your content marketing with every other part of your business. Relevant, dynamic content does more than attract customers’ attention. It can help with data acquisition. It can enable you to identify new markets for your product. It can support other sales initiatives. It can also help improve customers’ experience with your services. Because we follow our SAM 6 marketing process, Media Relations Agency’s writers understand how to tie all of these aspects together in our writing. 
  2. Dominate the conversation. Consumers expect to find answers online quickly. If you provide plenty of in-depth, expert information, you increase your chances of receiving future visits to your website from similar searches. So, in addition to frequent blogs and social posts, share all published articles you have written as well as all media coverage you have earned. Remember: When the media talks about your business, it gives you valuable third-party credibility.  
  3. Show your humanity through your words and images. Be purposeful and authentic. Providing well-crafted educational content demonstrates that you understand your audience’s most immediate needs, and that you can provide solutions. Media Relations Agency has delivered on this concept for decades with our Media Grade Content®. Our content is written to pass the media’s litmus test for strong, credible information. 
  4. Diversify your content to attract new audiences. More people are researching online than ever before. Allocating part of your digital marketing budget to test new messaging and different platforms may help you decide where to grow your business this year.  
  5. Repurpose your content across channels. Think like a consumer. When you start seeing a company’s message “everywhere,” your familiarity with that brand solidifies. Be careful not to assume that most of your audience gathers their information from only one or two sources.  

Content means business in 2021. Using writers with strong marketing credentials may be the smartest decision you make this year. Call 952-697-5269 or complete this form to arrange a conversation with our team. Let’s talk about how we can apply our Media Grade Content strategies to your content marketing. 


Written by Robin Miller

Robin will coordinate the writing for your newsletters, social media posts, website, blogs, newsletters and press releases. “I like interviewing clients and spokespeople, hearing their stories, getting to know their personalities and listening to how they phrase their thoughts,” she says. “It’s fun to transform what I’ve learned from those conversations into media-grade content.” Robin enjoys shaping content to ensure that the message will be clearly received. “When someone understands the relevance of what they’re writing and can position it properly for their audience, their work tends to be more convincing and on point. I’m fortunate to have a very diverse background, which gives me a good perspective whenever we bring on a new client.” An IABC- and Mercury-award winner, Robin says her practical experience in the health sciences has proven particularly beneficial as she interprets clients’ scientific information for mainstream media. “But it’s no longer sufficient to write well,” she cautions. “As marketers, we must now comply with the intricacies of digital marketing. That involves a whole set of rules, which are constantly evolving.”

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