We’re a game changer … and our clients know it!

Keeping up with marketing trends these days is about as easy as predicting what type of outlandish costume that Lady Gaga will wear for her next TV appearance. How many infographics did you add to your website last week? Did you know about the format change for that local morning TV show? Which story pitches are most likely get buried?

We’ve always been rebels. We’re the marketing agency that has never quite played by the same rules as all the others. Do you want to send out your press release using a wire service? That’s not really our style. We’d rather pick up the phone and talk with each reporter. That way instead of a short blurb we may be able to talk the reporter into doing a larger feature story.

We know marketing fundamentals as well as anyone. Probably better than most. What makes us different is that we aren’t satisfied with doing business just like everyone else. When it comes to flexibility and keeping your marketing momentum moving in the right direction, we’re already using game-changing strategies.

Our clients find it refreshing that we don’t put on a razzle dazzle show to get their business, only to disappoint them later. We become more of an extension of your marketing team – we sit down and strategize with you on the best ways to make things happen. Then we get to work on our agreed-upon goals.

We don’t just go with the flow … we create our own current. Sometimes it’s nice, steady stream of publicity. Sometimes it’s a tidal wave.

I love to hear about game-changing ideas. What game changing ideas have you seen lately or better yet put in place? Call me at 952-697-5269.


Written by Heather Champine

Heather has been teaching clients how to harness the power of publicity to sell products since 1997. Her expertise lies in marketing consumer products and services so that they are deemed newsworthy by the media. She leads an entire publicist team in securing radio, TV, print and online news coverage for her clients. Heather is our strategy guru. She can take a complex scenario and determine how best to utilize publicity to reach client goals. She’s an upbeat, purposeful leader who can be both objective and compassionate at the same time.