Want to publicize your event or expo? Re-purpose your earned media placements!

Want to spread the word about your event or expo? Re-purpose your earned media placements.

Your interview with KARE 11 TV aired today. Was that your 15 seconds of fame? Hardly. You can utilize your social networking sites to continue re-purposing your finest efforts.  There’s no question that in order to compete in today’s search marketing world, creative content plays a huge part for events and expo marketing. Social media provides you with networks of people who are hungry for relevant news about their top interests. The could be looking for you. Because of its unprecedented power to reach the masses with a message, social media is a power PR tool.

How do public relations professionals utilize successful earned PR effectively?

Appeal to the senses

Most people won’t read all the text on your website, if you can even get them to read any of it. How else can you entertain, inform and interact with them? Include audio, video and print links.

Our PR team posts status updates continuously promoting our media placements for our marketing partners. This is a great way to engage our fans and get the most from every earned media placement.

Great examples can be found on our Facebook page. This page is for our Body Mind Life Expo.

Alert your fans and customers: Wow! Look for us on KARE 11, Star Tribune, Bloomington Sun Current and many more!

Do you have some major media placements coming up? Use this information as a blog or Facebook status update to alert all followers of your impending celebrity status. You may be surprised how many more customers will catch the broadcast or pick up the newspaper knowing you will be featured.

See how we are using our upcoming media to alert followers and fans when our marketing partners will be featured in the news.

Remember, earned PR from trusted news services creates credibility. It enables you to showcase content that provides valuable information, captures attention, builds authority and credibility. If the experts are buzzing about your event and marketing partners, so will the mas

Written by Sallie Crowl

Sallie is thorough and tenacious, precisely the type of person you want talking with the media about your products. A clear thinker, she uses her sales background to help reporters see all angles to a story. A veteran of the publishing and printing industry, she’s been making good things happen for our clients for five years. Sallie has achieved client placements on CNN, WGN-TV, and Better TV, and in an impressive list of print media including First for Women, Woman’s World, Energy Times, Amazing Wellness, Better Nutrition and Health Magazine.