Video 1: The CEO’s Guide to Marketing Video Series

I’ve recorded an 8-part video series you will find helpful and you can watch it right now. It’s based on my upcoming book, The CEO’s Guide to Marketing: The most practical marketing book you will ever read.

In the 1st video, I briefly describe the premise of the series, which is to teach marketers a six-step process I call Strategically Aimed Marketing, or SAM6™ for short. I also introduce a simple graphic I’ve used over the years as a trick for holding a comprehensive image of marketing in my mind.

Anyone who has a hand in marketing will benefit greatly by watching these videos. You can begin watching right away by clicking here.


Written by Lonny Kocina

Lonny is a visionary who is passionate about marketing. He believes that to be a truly great agency, our professional advice and deliverables must be based on a solid marketing foundation. He has made it his mission to ensure that everyone on our team knows and understands the basic marketing concepts and the SAM 6 process. Lonny pioneered the concept of our nationally trademarked Pay Per Interview Publicity® business model which enables clients to purchase publicity by the story. “It’s a familiar concept. If you pay for a pizza, you get a pizza; if pay for a car, you get a car; and with us, if you pay for media coverage, you get media coverage,” he explains. “Clients come to us because they are tired of paying hourly retainers and getting little tangible return.” When the Internet was in its infancy, Lonny also had the business foresight to quickly reserve portal web addresses such as publicity, media relations and checkerboard, and advised clients to do the same. Nearly 30 years since launching this agency, Lonny’s still finds great joy thinking about, talking about and writing about product promotion. He thrives on expanding our ability to help clients tell their stories to the masses.

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