Two glaring signs you may be using the wrong publicists

I’ve been a publicist for decades. I’ve seen national disasters disrupt the momentum of very successful PR campaigns. Maybe not like this one, but 9/11 immediately comes to mind. I also know to avoid making rookie mistakes that could really damage our clients’ businesses, especially during times like these. I’m about to reveal the two things that, if you hear them from your publicist, should send you shopping for a new PR agency.

1.“The media is too focused on COVID-19. Let’s wait to approach them because they won’t be interested in your story.” 

Wrong, wrong, wrong! Yes, the coronavirus is making a lot of companies and products famous. But people are getting tired of the same news, day after day. Media Relations Agency is Pay Per Interview. We don’t get paid unless we earn media placements for our clients. So you can bet that while a lot of publicists are sitting back and waiting, we haven’t slowed down. We’re pitching things that make sense right now, and we’re all set to pitch everything else. 

When the media is ready to start running different types of stories, they will need to push out high volumes of articles and news stories. They don’t have the resources to produce all those on their own, especially as quickly as they’ll need them. 

WE are the resources. Our publicists will be lifesavers because we’ve already contacted them with materials that are ready to go.  I’m already getting emails from many reporters and producers who say no other publicists are contacting them. Big mistake for those PR agencies; big win for our clients! 

We’ve been doing this for so long that we can anticipate the media’s strongest needs. They’ll be looking for timely topics such as seasonal allergies, getting swimsuit ready, kids and summer trends, how to eat healthy during summer vacation, grilling season and summer travel safety tips.   

2. “I understand your story completely. Focus on your business and leave the rest to me.” 

Yikes! Of course, we take care of the bulk of the marketing work while you run your business. But the clients who stay in constant communication with us are generally those who get the most earned media coverage and the most complete stories. 

Clients often don’t realize how many great stories they have to tell through the media, but we are trained to spot them. I say, “Tell us everything about your business and products, even if you don’t think it’s newsworthy. We’ll figure it out. That’s why you’re hiring us.” 

I’ll give you an example. I sent a newspaper reporter to a client’s venue to do a story. The client told the reporter that they were making a substantial donation to a local children’s school. This was news to me! It turned out to be a great story, but had I known about the donation ahead of time I could have gotten the client even more media coverage. I want clients to tell me everything!    

People are anxious to return to normalcy. Likewise, I’m sure you want your business to get back normal. You’ll want to resume your sales momentum and make up for lost time. Media coverage is by far the best way to reach large audiences with each story. 

Why not get your PR campaign going now? Get the releases written and strategize about which media you want your publicists to contact. Once this pandemic is over, there will be other businesses ready to pounce. You can be among the first to earn the media’s attention.

Media Relations Agency has taken on a steady stream of new clients throughout this pandemic. And we’ve found plenty of opportunities to keep our existing clients visible. Let’s talk about the difference we could make in your marketing strategy. Call us at 952-697-5269 or complete this form to arrange a phone call. 

Written by Jennifer Hanson

Senior Publicist Jennifer Hanson has been with Media Relations Agency since 1997. She plays an integral role in strategic media planning and clients’ campaigns. Jennifer has secured thousands of interviews and placements in radio, television and print. Her creative approach has earned her numerous company awards for excellence, and placements with top media outlets across the country. Jennifer has expertise in working with national broadcast outlets, and has placed her clients in such shows as Oprah, The Today Show, Weekend Today, Fox and Friends and others.

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