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Have you ever read an article in a newspaper or magazine that mentioned your competition’s product, but not yours? If you have, I bet it ruined your day.

You don’t have to get mad when you’re not in the spotlight. You just have to take action.

If you want that glowing testimonial in a consumer magazine, trade magazine profile or information-packed newspaper article, get yourself a great publicist.  

Great publicists know how to get attention.  They understand the media. They know which topics will grab a reporter’s or editor’s attention and which will put those gatekeepers asleep.  They also know how to craft YOUR message around these topics, so that their story isn’t complete without mentioning you.

Great publicists know how to pitch these stories. They know who to call and when. They know how to follow up with reporters and how to make the most out of each placement.

These publicists are hard to find, but worth their weight in gold.

And I have access to a whole team of them. You may think that I’m biased when I say that the most talented publicists in the country work at Media Relations Agency, but it’s true. These hard-working and experienced professionals produce hundreds of placements each and every month. That’s all they do, and they do it well. Very well.

If you want to see media coverage about you, your product or your company, just give me a call.  Media Relations Agency is so confident that we can get you coverage that we guarantee it.  And if you contact me before the end of March, I can even give you our special March Madness discount.

It’s time to have the spotlight shine on you. Call me at 952-697-5269  or complete this form.  So what are you waiting for … another article about those other guys?

Written by Media Relations Agency

Media Relations Agency is a full-service, hybrid agency that specializes in helping businesses tell their stories. Our 30+ years of experience in generating media-grade content gives us an edge. Who better to help you market your product than the agency whose work consistently passes the media’s stringent litmus test? It’s not always easy, but our content vaults over the media’s high bar several times a day.

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