Free Marketing Classes in Burnsville, MN

MarketSmart Academy is hosting three free summer classes this August to help you increase sales for the new season. These three courses are great for discovering ways to finish summer strong before launching into another busy fall.

On August 21, before all those looming fall shows, Cynde Bock will lead her course: Expo Marketing 101. Dreading those dull hours sitting at a table while potential clients walk right by—or raid the free candy bowl and then walk right by? Cynde reveals the secret to selling your product visually in the three seconds it takes to pass your company’s booth. Forget the candy bowl; learn how to hook them, pull them in, and keep them there long enough to actually generate some sales leads.

Then, on August 23, Jason Kocina will offer his course: Creating a Social Media Plan. The Internet is still evolving, and so is online marketing. Is your company up to date on the latest tools? This class will allow you to strategize on the many social media outlets, and learn the newest techniques to successful online sales generation.

Closing up our summer blitz on August 29, Heather Champine will hold her class: How to Make Your Product a Celebrity in the News! These days, if a celebrity so much as sneezes, we can count on the paparazzi to make the incident famous in a matter of minutes. What if the same concept could be applied to marketing your product? While often overlooked and unused, publicity is an extremely effective marketing tool. Learn how to incorporate reporters and the media into your marketing campaign.

With fall coming up fast, it’s important to be ready. Join us for a refresher, or adopt a brand new tactic for your marketing arsenal. Sign up for a summer class today—before summer disappears!

Written by Cynde Bock

As Marketing Manager, Cynde is responsible for helping to identify businesses for which our family of services would have the greatest positive impact, and establishing dialogs with key decision-makers within those companies.
She also serves as the lead recruiter for the Kocina family of companies as well as coordinate class offerings, registration and communications for MarketSmart Academy. With her educational background, she also fulfills a role as one of our trainers.
Cynde’s top strengths are Focus, Achiever, Responsibility, Maximizer and Relator. With that combination she does her best to be a purposeful and positive difference maker with excellence, joy and a “can-do” attitude.
She enjoys accepting new challenges and is highly conscientious in the planning, follow-through, and organization of new projects.
Cynde is spiritual and kind. She’s got a perpetual smile on her face and in her voice.  She is also a “Jill of all trades”, pitching in whenever we need an extra hand.