Sharpen your marketing strategies in 2012 at our MarketSmart Academy

Albert Einstein defined insanity as, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” In this economy, you need to make sound, rational marketing decisions or risk the health of your business. Our MarketSmart Academy classes are designed to help mid-sized business owners and marketing managers of larger corporations capitalize on current trends, and maximize their use of budget-friendly promotional channels.

Reserve your seat at one or all of our January classes. Our classes are rich in valuable tips and strategies that you will be able to start implementing the same day. Continue the discussions with our instructors and class participants on our Facebook pages. We’re happy to answer your follow up questions!

Here’s our January class schedule. All classes are held 8 a.m. to 9:30 at our corporate headquarters in Burnsville, Minnesota.

January 24: Expo Marketing 101: Tips to Reel ‘Em in to Your Exhibit

When you exhibit at an expo or trade show, you only have three seconds to grab attendees’ attention. We’ll share proven ways to turn those attendees into hot sales leads, from pre-show preparation to the essential steps to follow after the event. Not only will we teach you how to draw the maximum number of people to your booth, but we’ll tell you how to keep them interested and engaged once they are there.

January 25: How to Make Your Product a Celebrity in the News

Are you having a harder time reaching your customers and prospects through advertising? Learn why mid-sized companies are following the lead of larger corporations by using Publicity as Advertising. The media is still receptive to product publicity, but the rules are changing. Find out what strategies are working, and what strategies are outdated.

January 26: Creating a Social Media Plan

Social media plays a major role in content syndication. If you aren’t currently embracing this opportunity, you can be sure that your competition is — or soon will be. Learn how to incorporate a blog into your marketing plan, parameters for measuring your social media success, and get help with incorporating social media into your existing marketing campaign.

Register now for any of the classes above, call at 952-697-5269 or send an e-mail request to

Written by Cynde Bock

As Marketing Manager, Cynde is responsible for helping to identify businesses for which our family of services would have the greatest positive impact, and establishing dialogs with key decision-makers within those companies.
She also serves as the lead recruiter for the Kocina family of companies as well as coordinate class offerings, registration and communications for MarketSmart Academy. With her educational background, she also fulfills a role as one of our trainers.
Cynde’s top strengths are Focus, Achiever, Responsibility, Maximizer and Relator. With that combination she does her best to be a purposeful and positive difference maker with excellence, joy and a “can-do” attitude.
She enjoys accepting new challenges and is highly conscientious in the planning, follow-through, and organization of new projects.
Cynde is spiritual and kind. She’s got a perpetual smile on her face and in her voice.  She is also a “Jill of all trades”, pitching in whenever we need an extra hand.