Post new website content yourself

Your business saves time and money when you can log into your website and post new website content yourself. That’s one of the reasons we build websites on easy-to-use WordPress. With this platform, you can update content, post blogs and make many other website changes yourself. We’ll show you how.

Here are a few of the tasks you can perform on a WordPress website:

  • Post blogs
  • Add images
  • Enter keywords to help improve search engine optimization
  • Retrieve lists of visitors who have completed website forms
  • Change text
  • Manage users, such as blog authors
  • Redirect broken links
  • Change social media icons

During our web build process, we’ll ask you what website changes you want to be able to make. Then, when possible, we’ll build this ability into your site. We’ll train you how to make these changes. We’ll create a customized user guide for you, to help you carry out the tasks later. We’ll also educate you about Internet marketing strategy, so you’ll understand what you can do to promote your business online.

Adding new content presents a vibrant image of your company. It shows what you have to offer. It can help you attract new website visitors. With a WordPress website, you’ll be able to make many additions and changes easily. You’ll enjoy being able to update your site. Your company has a lot of news to share. With WordPress, you will be able to post updates more often.

We can create an accessible website for you. Call us at 952-697-5269 or complete our form below. Tell us what website tasks you want to be able to do by yourself. Maybe you’d like to add photographs, new products, company news or employee information. We’ll create a proposal for creating an easy-to-use website tailored to your needs.

Written by Tate Harmann

We’re very fortunate to have someone with Tate’s technical expertise and enthusiasm on our team. With more than a decade of IT experience, he has the web upgrading, troubleshooting and migration skills necessary to effectively tackle any challenge. You can also count on Tate to communicate with you about your project with responsiveness and courtesy.

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