On-call writing services have beneficial ripple effects

Here’s a quick story about how we saved our client time, increased their productivity AND extended their marketing reach within their industry.

We were recently asked to write an article for a client’s self-published magazine, which has world-wide circulation. To research this article, about a cutting edge technology, we interviewed one of the industry’s leading experts. (We are respecting our client’s confidentiality request by omitting details.)

The client was so pleased with the resulting 1600-word article and sidebar that they asked us to write a second article for the same publication. Then they requested our help proofreading the magazine. All of this freed their staff to focus on other responsibilities.

Later we were thrilled to learn that the expert we had interviewed for the first article was so happy with it that she presented it to her colleagues during a major annual meeting. She wrote to us saying in part, “Your article was well received … Thanks again for writing so eloquently.”

For a few hours of our time, our client’s message was delivered in way that impressed multiple key audiences.

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Written by Robin Miller

Robin will coordinate the writing for your ongoing communications needs including newsletters, social media posts, blogs and press releases. We get a kick out of her ability to “assume the personality” of whomever she is writing for. Her turnaround is very fast: She can produce press releases and other written documents quickly and professionally. An IABC and Mercury award winner, Robin served as an associate publisher, associate editor and media spokesperson; and managed the employee communications department for a multi-national Fortune 500 company prior to joining our team. Her strong background in health, nutrition and veterinary medicine have also proven beneficial as she interprets clients’ scientific information for mainstream media.