No trade shows this year? Here’s how to use that budget!

We hear this question a lot: “I’ve got $25,000 (or $100,000) allocated for 2021 trade shows. With cancellations again this year, what’s the best way to use this budget?” Strategically orchestrated publicity can reach the masses, including many of those who would have attended the trade shows. Plus when you shift your budget to publicity, it will go directly to marketing versus paying for hotels, plane tickets and other hard costs. 

This is a smart decision with many dividends:

  • You can reach thousands with just one media interview. Unlike standing in an exhibit booth where you can talk to a handful of people at a time, one media interview is like standing at a podium telling your product’s story to a sports stadium filled with people. 
  • You’ll look wise to the rest of your company. With Media Relations Agency’s Pay Per Interview® model, you’ll be able to produce tangible results for your budget. We won’t charge you just to try. 
  • The media are like third-party endorsements. When reporters and producers agree to do a story about your product, it’s their confirmation that the story is of value to their audiences. 
  • Publicity can be repurposed. After a story runs, you can easily extend its reach even more by sharing it on your blog and social media channels. Send a link to everyone in your database, along with an email explaining the value of this information.  

Media coverage is probably much more attainable than you think. Our publicists are industrious and creative. They have arranged tens of thousands of product news stories so we have a good idea what the media is interested in. 

We can show you how to use your 2021 trade show budget to reach the masses. Get started by completing this form or calling 952-697-5269. 

Written by Heather Champine

Heather is a multi-faceted leader. She’s part marketing strategist, part consumer psychologist and part motivational cheerleader. “I love understanding what drives people to take action, especially when it involves getting the media to run stories about our clients,” she says. With more than 20 years of experience, she has the keen understanding and insight to know how to run an integrated campaign and what it takes for our clients’ stories to become the news. She enjoys leading campaigns for complex industries such as medical devices and technologies, as well as fun industries such as hair salons. She thrives on pursuing creative ways to educate consumers about clients’ products, and ultimately inspiring them to buy. “I appreciate becoming a part of each client’s marketing team. I cherish the long-lasting relationships, and successful marketing programs we have created together.” Heather also finds joy in her daily collaborations as part of our creative team. “I am grateful to work with publicists, writers, designers and other marketing experts, all enjoying what they do because they are using their God-given strengths. Our publicists have great instincts because they all have media backgrounds. When things get hectic, it’s often Heather who cracks the first joke. “We encourage people to be a little goofy and unique. Some of the best ideas and solutions emerge because we know how to have fun,” she grins. “I may say something like, “Remember this is PR not the ER. Now, lighten up and go book a great story idea with the media!”

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