Is your marketing strategy ready for another pivot?

Now that you’ve experienced how quickly the business environment can change, is your marketing strategy prepared for the next curveball? The more nimble you are, the greater your chances of landing on your feet. Whenever there’s a change that can affect your bottom line, you can’t afford to wait while your marketing team plays catch up. 

I had a significant amount of agency experience before I joined the Media Relations Agency team. What has impressed me most about Media Relations is everyone’s agility, based on their depth of experience and marketing competence. 

Using Strategically Aimed Marketing (SAM 6®) as our foundation, we can easily adjust a campaign without going off on costly, unproductive tangents. We stay on point with our clients’ key messages their audiences need to hear. 

We’re also performance-based. With our Pay Per Interview® model, clients pay only for results. That means we strategize with one another … we collaborate … and we work smarter than other agencies because that’s how we earn and keep our clients’ trust. 

If I had a product or service to sell, this is how I would want my marketing to be managed. 

I love to cook, so I’ll use a baking analogy. Nearly all great cake recipes are based on a proven foundation. You’ll need flour, eggs, sugar and butter. You’ll need a mixer, pans and an oven. Once you have those ingredients and tools, you can get creative. With the right experience, you can bake just about any type of cake with the confidence it will be delicious. 

Similarly, the first five steps of the SAM 6 marketing process will help you create the structure for a phenomenal and flexible marketing strategy. Steps 1 through 5 cover the concepts, principles and tools. Step 6, engaging the creative team, delivers the magic. That remains true even if the endpoint is different today than it was a month ago.

When change happens, will you be ready to adjust your marketing strategy so that people will still desire your product more than your competition’s? 

I’m eager to talk with you about how Media Relations Agency is refreshingly different from other agencies. Call me at 952-697-5269 or complete this form to get a call scheduled on my calendar. 

Written by Ann Mackinnon

Ann exudes positivity and energy. It’s a combination that makes people want to be around her. She also knows what she’s talking about. Her insightful marketing advice is based on more than 20 years of practical agency experience plus a penchant for reading and absorbing as many business and trade publications as she can squeeze into her days. She’s eager to earn your trust.

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