Is your 2022 marketing plan in place or are you already falling behind?

There are strong indications that brand leaders will increase their marketing budgets next year. Chances are good that your competitors are already working on their 2022 marketing plans, in hopes of getting more publicity next year, and they’re putting the finishing touches on their digital marketing strategies. I sincerely don’t want you to be left behind. 

It’s hard to believe, but the new year is less than three months away. Media Relations Agency has been collaborating with several clients for months on their plans to start 2022 with new product launches. We’ve got campaigns in the works with other clients on “new year/new you” media story angles. We are also busy refreshing websites; producing incredibly creative written, graphics and video content; gearing up for even stronger social media influencer campaigns, and making new connections with reporters and producers each week. Do you want to sell on Amazon in 2022? We can help with that, too! 

If this creates a little FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) in your gut, then maybe we should talk. 

We can help you create a 2022 marketing strategy, using our proven Brand Playbook System. That will help you identify and capitalize on marketing opportunities you may have missed this year. This is a high-value plan; it won’t wind up collecting dust on the shelf. 

As important, we will help you earn media coverage. With our Pay Per Interview® model, you pay only for results. We guarantee it. Media Relations Agency pioneered performance-based marketing; 2022 will mark our 35th year of giving clients what they most desire: media coverage for their money. 

Publicity is the most underutilized promotional channel. Other agencies shy away from guaranteeing media stories. Publicity is the most difficult to achieve because it’s earned; but that also makes it the most valuable and trusted.

We are enthusiastic about marketing, and genuinely want to help our clients climb higher up the ladder of fame in 2022. Please join us. It will be a great experience! Many of our clients have been with us for decades. Call us at 952-697-5269 or use this form to schedule time on our calendars. 


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Written by Matt Hentges

We can feel the energy go up a few notches when Matt is around! He immerses himself in a conversation, eager to learn all he can and genuinely curious to discover how he might be able to help. “My favorite part of my job is talking with new people and trying to find a connection or potential synergy,” he acknowledges. Matt keeps things light and fun, especially when discussing one of his favorite subjects: marketing. He enjoys his role in moving a project to the next stage, which is applying our Strategically Aimed Marketing process. “I’m like the little kid who asks “why?” over and over, and SAM 6 gives reasons to the “whys” in marketing.” As Matt channels his boundless energies into helping businesses make smarter use of marketing tools, he relishes being part of a team that capitalizes on each other’s strengths. “We have a wonderful business model that more than fills a unique niche within the publicity industry. We are truly marketing and publicity experts with many seasoned years behind our goal-driven agency.”

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