How to make your product a celebrity in the news

Two recent incidents speak volumes about the selling power of publicity. Words With Friends gained in popularity when Alec Baldwin was ushered from his flight after refusing to stop playing. And Etch A Sketch sales soared 1,500 percent on Amazon after the toy was used as a metaphor by Mitt Romney’s opponents.

Would your sales rise exponentially if it was your product in the news? Uh …yeah.

Fortunately, you don’t need the coincidence of a celebrity gaffe or political metaphor to bask in the lucrative media spotlight. You can build the celebrity status of your product just as deliberately as Colonel Parker promoted Elvis. But it’s not easy.

Face it, reporters and producers aren’t sitting around short of stories hoping you will favor them with a press release. And it doesn’t matter what your product does; unless it cures cancer, it’s not the top news story of the day.

What your product needs is experienced, top-notch publicists who scrap for ink and airtime like their lives depend on it. That’s us. We’re like the Creative Artists Agency of products. We have been making celebrities out of consumer goods for more than 20 years, and our client list includes famous brands such as Breathe Right nasal strips, Baldwin Pianos, 1-800 CONTACTS, Great Clips and many others.

Our clients don’t wait patiently for the press to show up at their doors, and neither should you. They hire us to proactively arrange media coverage that features their product.

An important reason companies select us to represent them as their publicist is we charge per story we place rather than billing hourly. Clients love our trademarked Pay Per Interview Publicity® business model because they pay only for the media placements they receive. That’s accountability you seldom find in the PR industry. But the real power of Pay Per Interview Publicity lays hidden deep within our company culture. It can be summed up like this: You’d be surprised at how good you can get at uncovering opportunities for media coverage when your income depends on it.

Yes, charging per interview means we sometimes do a lot of work without getting paid, but we don’t care. We like having a little skin in the game. It toughens us up, makes us smarter, and gives us an almost unfair advantage over PR firms that make money by racking up hours.

Our team of full-time professional publicists (most of whom are former editors and producers) are the best in the business. They have inside knowledge of how both the traditional and new media work, and they produce media coverage by the ton.

Can we make a celebrity out of your company, product or service? Yep, we do it all the time. Call me at 952-697-5269. I head up all the publicists here at Media Relations, and I’ll give you a quick assessment of how receptive I think the media will be to your “story”.


Written by Heather Champine

Heather has been teaching clients how to harness the power of publicity to sell products since 1997. Her expertise lies in marketing consumer products and services so that they are deemed newsworthy by the media. She leads an entire publicist team in securing radio, TV, print and online news coverage for her clients. Heather is our strategy guru. She can take a complex scenario and determine how best to utilize publicity to reach client goals. She’s an upbeat, purposeful leader who can be both objective and compassionate at the same time.