How to get your business featured on the news

If your competitor was featured in a positive news story recently, chances are good that it wasn’t just a lucky break. I know this to be true because Media Relations Agency arranges these media opportunities for our clients – locally, regionally, nationally and internationally – 365 days a year. Next time, if you want your business featured on the news instead of your competition’s, you will need a good story, clear positioning and messaging, and ongoing relationships with the media. We can help.

Brand awareness rarely happens spontaneously. One of the best ways to make sure your story gets told – and retold – is through media coverage. There’s no faster and more efficient way to reach the masses with your story.

It pays to work with an agency that arranges for businesses to be on the news, day in/day out. With our Pay Per Interview® pricing model, we only get paid for results. We don’t get paid to try. We’ve been doing this for 30+ years, have an international client base and we have numerous clients who have been with us for decades. So, you be certain we know what we’re doing!

Here are a few of the elements that go into a successful media campaign:

  • Good stories: The best stories have a What’s in it for Me message. Unless you’re triggering emotion and desire with your story, most people will tune you out. Getting people to desire your product more than their money takes persuasion. Telling audiences how you’ve listened to their needs and developed a solution helps to build trust and loyalty that can translate into sales.
  • Clear positioning and messaging: Whether a client is brand new or has been with Media Relations for decades, our team consistently revisits each company’s vision and mission as part of our SAM 6 marketing process. Combined, the vision (where a company wants to be) and mission (how it intends to get there) are the backdrop for any story they tell. As we help clients grow and evolve their businesses, we know those two elements may also change over time.
  • Ongoing relationships with the media: Most of our clients are surprised by how quickly we can think of ways to get reporters and producers to do stories about their businesses. Those includes online publications and popular bloggers. We have cultivated an enviable proprietary database of media contacts. These contacts know and trust us to provide them with high-quality sources for their stories.

After all these years, it’s still very exciting to turn on the TV or open a magazine and see one of our client’s stories and know we made that happen. We’d love to talk with you about the type of media coverage we can arrange for your business.  

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Written by Heather Aarre

Post-it notes should have been part of Heather’s stock portfolio. “I should have invested in them when they were first invented,” she confirms. “I would have a nice little nest egg set aside with the amount I use daily.” Heather is an achiever and arranger who loves to make lists and check tasks off when complete. “I think that’s what makes an account service professional effective.” Heather knows that details and being proactive are key to a successful campaign. “You can’t be afraid to take initiative and you must pay attention to details; catch the little things that are mentioned in meetings that tell you how you need to move forward. That is how I contribute to our overall client satisfaction.” Heather also enjoys keeping on top of the technology that supports our clients’ needs. For example, she says, “YouTube is continually changing its platform, so staying knowledgeable about what they offer, and how to actually upload a video with the latest available for the client now has become a checklist item, too.” She confirms, “Organizing multiple layers of details is my favorite part of my job.”

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