How to contact the media about your product

Every day, most journalists sift through hundreds of emails pitching story ideas. Only a small percentage of those emails are even opened. Fewer still get a response. Media Relations Agency’s Pay Per Interview® model guarantees media placements for your budget. We have to be really good at getting journalists’ attention. Here’s what you should know about the process.  

Your email may never be opened 

 If you are trying to earn publicity for your company or product – and are hearing crickets instead –  it may be that your email pitch is getting deleted without ever being read. Or, it may be opened but the reporter doesn’t believe it’s relevant. Our success comes from perseverance and also strong familiarity with what reporters need. 

Media Relations Agency’s publicists help reporters tell our clients’ stories

  1. We provide recognized experts. Most reporters want to quote reputable industry sources who can discuss more than our client’s product. They need experts who can also explain the environment in which that product exists, and why our client’s product is a feasible solution to a common problem. 
  2. We provide well-developed media materials. I’m not talking about fancy press kits that cost a fortune to produce. Instead, we anticipate what the journalist will need to tell a complete story including quotes, background information and graphics. Those materials are far more useful and expedient.  
  3. We develop personal connections with reporters. Establishing rapport is hard work, but it’s very often essential to getting our clients’ stories told. So, at Media Relations Agency, our publicists pick up the phone. We network. We’re readily available when reporters call to ask follow-up questions. We’ve become such reputable resources that the media sometimes contact us when they are working on stories. 

Do you have the time in your already busy schedule to contact the media, and provide them with the best possible assets? If you would prefer delegating this task to experienced professionals who know how to get results, call us at 952-697-5269 or use this form to get the process started. 

Written by Sallie Crowl

Sallie is thorough and tenacious, precisely the type of person you want talking with the media about your products. A clear thinker, she uses her sales background to help reporters see all angles to a story. A veteran of the publishing and printing industry, she’s been making good things happen for our clients for five years. Sallie has achieved client placements on CNN, WGN-TV, and Better TV, and in an impressive list of print media including First for Women, Woman’s World, Energy Times, Amazing Wellness, Better Nutrition and Health Magazine.

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