How I became a SAM 6 Pro, and why it matters for our clients

Can you tell me what marketing competence is? How about naming all four marketing mix categories? These are marketing basics and yet even experienced marketers tend to forget what they mean. 

When I started my journey into digital marketing, I learned these terms from a textbook. Like so many other marketers, I could regurgitate the term definitions but I had no idea what they actually meant or how to apply them. When I walked through the door of Media Relations Agency on my first day, CEO Lonny Kocina handed me a copy of his book. As I looked at the bright colored cover I read, “The CEO’s Guide to Marketing.” I thought to myself, “I am not the CEO.” Then the subtitle caught my eye, the bright yellow words, “The book every marketer should read before their boss does.” 

I read the book and immediately told Lonny that THIS should be the book that they use in marketing classes! It made the terms jump off the page; made them make sense in practice not just definitions. I couldn’t wait to get started and work for an agency that practiced what it preached!

Fast forward a year and I was presented with the opportunity to take an accredited marketing course written by Lonny on the knowledge gained from the book! I couldn’t have been more excited to jump into it. Even with reading the book once, using these terms daily and shaping our client campaigns around the SAM6 process, this course was not easy. 

This course is set up so nicely. First you get a video from Lonny, which is not only inspiring but adds a personality to what you’re about to read. Then you get two options of the book section, a download or an interactive web page. There is something really gratifying about hearing the swoosh of the page turning as you read. Once you have completed the reading, the questions begin. This is where, I believe, this course is unique. The questions are a great mix of definitions and “what would you do next” situational questions. The situational questions really make you think about what you have read.

Why being a SAM 6 Pro matters to our clients

When you are a SAM 6 pro, there is a different way you look at marketing. You think in terms of a six-step process; you think in terms of following a checklist and having guardrails in place to support a successful campaign. This process helps in every aspect of developing your marketing strategy. From the messages you want to deliver to the goals of the campaign and your ability to adapt strategies when needed, these are all covered in the SAM 6 process and our clients reap the benefits! As a SAM 6 Pro, I have a certification that shows our clients that I am dedicated to this process and that I have a complete understanding of the marketing essentials. 

The wonderful thing about this course is that it is available to everyone! Our clients can also take the course and have a full understanding of the process and why we do things the way we do. This offers a common language for us to be able to communicate effectively. Think about the last time you spoke to a person in IT. Did they start saying terms like UX, UI or CSS and completely lose you? Now consider if you took a basic course in Information Technology, you immediately receive the vocabulary to communicate better with those professionals. Similarly, when everyone involved with your marketing campaign has marketing competence and understands the same terms, you can communicate better and more efficiently. 

If you want to learn the basics or brush up on your skills … if you want your team to be able to communicate effectively and efficiently with each other or with us as your marketing agency … if you want to form a successful campaign and not miss any opportunity to increase your brand awareness and revenue, this course is for you! Register for your course today, earn your SAM 6 certification, and become the smartest marketer in the room!

Written by Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson is as sunny as she is sharp. She’s one of those special digital marketers who combines an impressive depth of knowledge with an attitude so positive that people naturally gravitate to her. “I use my positivity to bring enthusiasm to the team, my developer strength to ask questions that bring more out of those around me, and achiever strength to keep myself growing and getting tasks done,” she comments about her StrengthsFinder results. Sarah embraces her role of ensuring clients’ digital marketing programs are effective and on point. That requires staying current on changing technology and platforms, as well as weaving strong creativity into her logical, methodical approach. “I’m never bored,” she confirms. “There are always new technologies to learn and ways to streamline our processes to remain the best.” Clients enjoy collaborating with Sarah because she’s laser focused on helping them achieve their marketing goals. “There is always a way through, around or over a barrier. Sometimes a positive approach or a change in perspective is all you need,” she says. Most days, Sarah is guided by her favorite Maya Angelou quote: “At the end of the day, people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” That upbeat energy makes Sarah a welcomed addition to our team.

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