Four strategies you may not be using to promote your product

All marketers grapple with the same issue: how to tell a story that lands their product in more shopping carts. The first step is to capture consumers’ attention. I’m not going to tell you this is easy. Winning consumers’ interest can be a real challenge. But in 25 years of working with marketing teams, I’ve noticed some commonalities about what works and what doesn’t. Here are four strategies you may not be using to promote your product.

1. Record videos of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) discussing your products or brands. It is extremely valuable to have videos of KOLs discussing your products or brands. We often arrange for guest experts to appear on television programs to discuss our clients’ products. We then walk our clients through the process of repurposing these videos on social media and blogs. If you aren’t yet using video to its maximum potential, let’s talk.

2. Repurpose media placements and written content in the personal selling channel. I’ve noticed that senior management is getting more involved with their sales teams. CEOs and CMOs often like seeing and hearing examples of how content, PR and digital media work connects with their personal selling processes. Sales representatives can play media clips during presentations and e-mail articles to new prospects. Once leaders understand the return on investment of publicity, content and digital marketing, they get very excited about the sales connections.

3. Don’t shy away from using multiple marketing agencies. Most of our clients have multiple agencies as well as in-house departments. With our unique model and depth of experience, we can generally fold in immediately without any disruptions, and without the need to hire someone to manage our agency. We’ll look at what the other agencies are doing, and complement their work. Our publicity clients pay us on a performance basis. Once companies understand that they don’t have fire another agency to bring us on board, and that they won’t be paying twice for the same thing, they tend to relax and enjoy the advantages of having an integrated team.

4. To help identify all the components of your story, invite your publicity agency for a “deep dive” trip. Over the past few years , I’ve learned more about some of our international and domestic clients by doing “deep dives” at their locations. Hosting me for a deep dive trip helps clients build their story. During these trips, I immerse myself in a client’s culture and industry. The purpose is to generate greater clarity and direction in our promotional strategy. At the same time, I’m able to accumulate media-grade content we’ll use to arrange publicity.

Our clients vary dramatically, but they all seek to reach and teach audiences about their products. Make sure you’re using video to full advantage in your promotions. Clips can be used time and time again for social media posts, website content and sales presentations. We can help you do this.

Let’s discuss how to use video footage to showcase your product. Call me at 952-697-5269 or click here to set up a meeting with me. Put my decades of experience to work capturing your audience’s attention.

Written by Mike Danielson

Mike is a visionary and a trusted marketing mentor for many well-known companies within the health and natural products industries. He has an impressive mastery of marketing. He thrives on using his 30 years of experience and good instincts to manage campaigns that have measurable impacts on clients’ bottom lines. Focused and driven, Mike excels at client service and creative development. “I try to help everyone equally. Some will become clients and even long-term friends.” Many also benefit from his extensive connections within the health and nutrition industries. Clients who work with Mike typically comment about how much they learn from him. Mike comments, “I enjoy teaching people how to use solid marketing principles vs. a gut feel when selecting promotional channels. I’m willing to spend long hours helping navigate through all of the other actions that comprise a well-integrated marketing campaign.” Faced with any obstacle, Mike will fight for a win. He admits, “I get nervous if there aren’t barriers to accomplishing goals.” His cause for celebration is when his team’s hard work pays off in great earned media coverage, long-term client relationships and referrals.

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