Five questions to ask before investing in a new website

You want your new website to look appealing to visitors. That’s easy. Most web design firms can provide you with a stunning new design. But even more important is what’s behind your site. Here are five questions to ask before investing in a new website.

1. How can I make updates and changes?

Make sure you can easily make updates such as text changes, new posts and pages on your own. You shouldn’t need programming experience for regular updates nor should you have to consult a YouTube video. We give our clients the freedom to make changes. And they feel confident doing so after their personal training.

2. Is the back end personalized for my needs?

Your business is unique. While the front-end may convey this, you don’t want that feeling to end once you hit the admin log-in screen. We feel our clients deserve a better experience so we make sure their site is uniquely theirs. There are no confusing boxes or gibberish text. It’s a clean, branded look that will make you feel proud of your site, both inside and out.  

3. Are there integrated marketing tools?

Your website is an important marketing tool. So are your e-newsletter and social media channels. You can save a lot of time (and money) when they work together. Sending a weekly e-newsletter or posting on Facebook can be as simple as a few keystrokes. If you want to integrate your customer database or inventory levels, we can do that, too.  

4. Is it built using current marketing strategies?

A lot of web development firms pride themselves on their technical or design expertise. Sure, that’s important. But without knowledge of marketing strategies, your website may look great, but never drive sales. It might not differentiate your business from your competitors. Or worse, it may never even get noticed. Here’s a tip: When interviewing web design firms, ask them how they use the Communication Process. Or ask them to define the Promotional Mix. If they stumble, move on to a web firm with more marketing expertise.

5. Does it come with continuing support?

You don’t want a web design firm that will cash your check then disappear. You want one that will provide ongoing resources and support so your site keeps working for you. We know that you’re busy running your business. We understand that you don’t have time to keep up with the latest web marketing tactics. Through the back end of your site, we’ll keep you informed of issues that matter to you. And we won’t waste your time on topics that don’t concern you. It’s one way we continue to provide value long after your site is complete.

A website is a big investment. When you are ready for a change, these questions will help you choose the right firm to work with. Of course, we hope it’s us. Find out by scheduling a free consultation with our team.

Written by Jason Kocina

Jason has been teaching businesses how to turn their Web sites into profit centers since 1995. Using his extensive experience in design and development as well as marketing, Jason specializes in bridging technology and business by connecting clients’ needs with technological possibilities. He can quickly review any scenario and determine how best to help a client. Soft spoken, caring and responsible, Jason easily connects with everyone. He is especially great at explaining ideas and concepts to non-technical people.

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