eCapital Advisors uses our on-call writing staff

Good writing is core to any company’s marketing and promotional campaign, especially now that so many people shop the Internet before talking with sales representatives. It’s become critical that websites, case studies, articles, blogs and social media mentions make a great first impression.

It takes a certain skill set to write polished copy quickly and accurately. That’s why an increasing number of busy professionals are turning over their company’s writing responsibilities to content development experts.


eCapital Advisors is a management consulting firm specializing in performance management solutions. Named IBM Business Partner of the Year, the company is all about using its wealth of real-world business experience to teach its clients how to work smarter using business analytics.

Partner Lisa David works long hours and travels extensively introducing her company’s powerful performance management tools to prospective clients. Because of her hectic schedule, writing projects such as new website copy and case studies never seemed to get finished. She needed a writer whose performance could match the efficiencies of the products she represents.

A chance meeting reveals the solution

Lisa first encountered our on-call writing services when she worked with Editorial Manager Robin Miller on a not-for-profit project. “I was impressed with the speed and accuracy with which the press release was produced,” she recalls. “After discussing the project in just one short phone call, Robin easily captured the tone and excitement that we wanted to convey.”

A few weeks later, Lisa was in our offices discussing her writing needs. She decided to maintain an open account with us, enabling her to send writing projects to us as they arise.

“Just send that project to our writer”

Robin immediately jumped in to complete the backlog of projects including the new website content as well as a white paper and case study. More writing work soon followed at a pace averaging one or two projects a week. eCapital simply lines up Robin with the experts she must interview to complete each assignment. It’s been a simple, problem-free process.

Lisa has enjoyed the convenience of having an expert writer ‘on staff’. “Everything is going fabulously,” she says. “It’s been wonderful for our company.”

A reprieve from frustration

Robin enjoys her on-call role. “So many of our clients simply don’t have the time to write. Or, they’ll spend hours trying to polish a couple of sentences, and still feel frustrated by the result,” she says. “’One of the best parts of being a business writer for the last 30+ years is that I’ve been fortunate to help out in those situations, and write about so many different companies, industries and products.”

Adds Lisa, “I show our clients how to turn an overwhelming amount of data into useful information that will help them to drive their businesses ahead of the competition. Similarly, Robin transforms data about eCapital Advisors into written documents that we can use to promote our unique strengths and capabilities. I call that a smart strategy.”

Written by Media Relations Agency

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