Blogs increase leads

There are more than 2 billion blogs published daily. You might think that blogging about your business would get lost in all that traffic, but the statistics say otherwise. Marketers who place a priority on blogging are 13 times likelier to see positive ROI. When we write blogs for our clients, we use our proven Media Grade Content® strategy to produce quality, relevant content readers find worthy of their time. 

Here are more reasons to blog for more business: 

  • Blogs may be more effective than ads. More than half (51%) of B2B buyers rely on content now to research their buying decisions, and they want shorter, interactive content that educates rather than sells.
  • Blogging makes your business more visible to search engines. Blogging is responsible for 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links
  • Companies that blog more frequently get stronger results. Companies that publish 16+ blog posts per month generated 4.5 times more leads than companies publishing 0-4 monthly. 

Blogs are a must-have, whether you target businesses or consumers. Let’s say we write one blog for you to post this week. Perhaps it gets 100 views and 5 leads. If you link to it on social media, after a couple days you may get another 30 views and 2 leads. But wait … there’s more!

That blog is now ranked by the search engines. It can continue to draw people to your website and generate leads for years to come. While you’re focused on your next project, or even while you’re on vacation, that one blog may continue generating views and leads far into the future. 

You need the right type of blog content 

Done right, blog posts establish your expertise and nurture trust in your brand. Your blog is a place to showcase earned media coverage. It’s a place where you can add value to doing business with you.

We’re a nation of headline skimmers. Unless readers quickly see a good reason to keep reading, they won’t. Blog success starts with audience relevance (58 percent), followed by engaging and compelling storytelling (57 percent) that triggers a specific response (54 percent).  

Blog content should not be too salesy. No one likes to be bombarded with promotional content all the time. In fact, posting too much overly promotional content and irrelevant content are two of the biggest reasons people will stop following you. 

Well-written blogs will lead people into the buying process without resorting to heavy-handed sales messages. Think WIIFM (What’s In It For Me). 

One last statistic: Content writing is often cited as the most commonly outsourced marketing service. Perhaps that’s because good writing is a measuring stick for professionalism. Some people won’t do business with companies that post sloppily written blogs. Poor grammar or punctuation also puts your message at risk for ambiguity and misinterpretation. Great writers leave little room for confusion. 

Instead of wishing you had a more robust blog, secure your blog’s future. Call us at 952-697-5269 or use this form. Try us for the next six months. You’ll like the results. 

Written by Robin Miller

Robin will coordinate the writing for your newsletters, social media posts, website, blogs, newsletters and press releases. “I like interviewing clients and spokespeople, hearing their stories, getting to know their personalities and listening to how they phrase their thoughts,” she says. “It’s fun to transform what I’ve learned from those conversations into media-grade content.” Robin enjoys shaping content to ensure that the message will be clearly received. “When someone understands the relevance of what they’re writing and can position it properly for their audience, their work tends to be more convincing and on point. I’m fortunate to have a very diverse background, which gives me a good perspective whenever we bring on a new client.” An IABC- and Mercury-award winner, Robin says her practical experience in the health sciences has proven particularly beneficial as she interprets clients’ scientific information for mainstream media. “But it’s no longer sufficient to write well,” she cautions. “As marketers, we must now comply with the intricacies of digital marketing. That involves a whole set of rules, which are constantly evolving.”

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